Infertility and the Donor Egg Program – Give the Gift of Life

First of all, we are really glad you have found us.  This website has been created and is maintained by Brent and Stacey, two people that stuggled with fertility difficulties for over 7 years before finally, successfully falling pregnant on our forth full cycle of IVF treatment.  We were literally two weeks away from flying overseas to start the process of egg donation which Stacey’s sister was kind enough to offer us after watching us in pain for almost a decade.  All we wanted was to have a family.

Whether you are a struggling woman, man, or couple trying to cope with difficulties of failing to fall pregnant, or if you are a person that is willing to donate your eggs under a egg donor program to help couples stuggling with infertility, welcome. 

One purpose of this website  is to help Australia couples struggling with infertility by providing a space to share your experiences with others in the same position, or with those that don’t understand the pain of stuggling to fall pregnant.  While sharing our personal stories may not solve our difficulties directly, it can offer some comfort to be able to talk with others that are having a similar experience.

Most importantly, this site has been commissioned to help educate and encourage those selfless woman around Australia to donate their eggs if they are able in the hope that they can touch a few people’s lives by offering the ‘gift of life’ with their kindness.  Because of consistently poor egg and empryo quality while undertaking IVF, Stacey & I had almost given up using our own eggs and when we looked into the donor egg program here in Australia and had been told we would have to do onto a waiting list of 6 years with no guarantees!  We so desperately wanted to start a family we  were considering flying to Russia or Spain to gain donor eggs to have our first child.

Donating eggs to those in need is one of the most incredible things a woman can do to those struggling with the incomprehensible pain of infertility.  Although we got lucky after 7 years, couples all over Australia have issues that mean an egg donor program may their only option if they want to have children.  It is for these people that this site was created. 

If you are the type of person that has a genuine desire to make a difference to people’s lives are are happy to sacrifice a month of your life to make other people’s lives more compete, thank you.  Please take time to explore our website and find out all about egg donor progams, how you can help, and learn where your local egg donor program is.

We hope that over the next few years that together with the help of the Australian public we can begin to build a site to raise awareness about infertility, the massive shortage of egg donors in Australia, and help to promote and encourage those fortunate enough to be blessed with healthy eggs and fertility to give the most amazing gift of all, the gift of life.